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A shop like Magento has many Ideas and functions, which is great. A custom template to even better.

As a prerequisite, you should also definitely the Designer’s Guide have read 3-4 times. Should have been raised still more questions here – To whom then – as in my case.

No one will seriously want to create a new Magento theme without resorting to an existing theme. The basic theme (default) consists of nearly 500 files and folders. Add to that the CSS and image files.

Taking the basic theme, as a starting point layout changes are quite simple. Under no circumstances should you work in the original files. Otherwise, the next update of the theme all modifications are gone. (Secondary) accepted our new theme is to say My Theme, so you put in the directories app / design / frontend / default / and skin / frontend / default / each of the new subdirectory My Theme on.

Change the files you want to copy from now default to My_Theme. The path for the file in the default branch reveals Magento when backend under System / Configuration / Advanced / Developer Tools / debug mode enabled (Set Current Config field on the website!).

Then, to see the changes in the shop, you need to tell Magento yet to use the new theme. For this, one is in System / Configuration / General / design in themes / default the new theme My_Theme one.

Now, if you clear the cache, or has it turned off directly into the cache management, in the store, the changes appear. This shows the strength of the template system of Magento. Instead of changing the templates directly to work in a separate area. Magento looks when rendering a page always first in the folder My_Theme. If there is not the required element is removed from the default.

Up to this point, you could see the information also in the Designer’s Guide found. I then tried the Modern Theme to take as a basis for your own theme. Here, you have to know that this theme is derived only by default. Therefore, it cannot work as Standalone theme without default. If you try, some sites do not work anymore. For example, the comment page to a product.

Therefore, you have a hierarchy in the form of default -> state -> Set up My Theme. This too is not a problem in Magento. You can see how we’ve done it on

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If you want to create a new custom, theme or template shall observe the structure of Magento and best create your own theme package or template package. This will allow you to be innovative and create something unique. How to do this we will explain now.

In the end, we have created a framework for a 3-column theme that you can customize according to their own wishes and desires. Anyone who wants first get an overview about which file is responsible for what may, the turning Template Path Hints that the frontend to specify the path or file that is responsible foar the issue concerned.

Quick start

Who’s own theme or template does not want to do by hand, can simply download latest version of Magento and look where the order under app / design / frontend / default / default layout and then the template folder and copy. The files in edit and upload a new folder name to the web server. Theme activate the backend, ready. Shows which files are needed at least for your own theme / template, the step-by-step guide:

Create folder

Go to their web server and there you Magento directory. Create a directory structure that looks like this must:

– Design
– Front
– Theme
(Package) — Default (Theme in your new
Package) —- Layout
—- Template

Please note that there is the app folder, design and front-end already. You only need to add the bottom four folders.


In the folder layout to copy, the corresponding XML files from the Magento default theme (default):

• catalog.xml
• catalogsearch.xml
• checkout.xml
• cms.xml
• customer.xml
• newsletter.xml
• page.xml
• wishlist.xml

The page.xml file will be their default page layout. This XML file will be used for each page on their website. Other Layout.xml files change their default layout.

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Uni Shop Magento Theme White

Uni-Store is a Magento theme a little to our selection of the theme, as you may have noticed; the header of this template is the most colorful. However, it is not quite as does a specific theme. What makes this Magento theme is unique in that we do not here with a Magento theme, but six at once! 6 topics are for you 6 types of stores with Magento tools / crafts, a sports shop to create a boutique for children / women, jewelry store … there is much to do!

We love that this is developing Magento theme discrete improve with the latest versions of PHP and CSS, but also thanks to xHTML, everything a quality design and entertainment JavaScript, but it is essential to enhance your pages.
Ellipsoid, Magento Theme White

Load ellipsoid

Whether to set up a website or a traditional eCommerce site catalogue without prices for non-registered users, and prices for those who want to be saved, then ellipsoid will make you happy, because we are dealing specifically with a topic have reacted to this problem.

Furthermore, this issue can be easily adjusted with its Customizer presentation in the administration interface of Magento website. Can choose the option from an endless selection of colour, or a choice between two types of sliders, or two sidebars so much more that will allow you easily take control of Magento theme is. We love the Magento theme includes more than 20 different options for customizing the theme, specially designed all over the admin interface for this topic. Magento themes become easy grip.

Maya Store Magento Theme White

Shop Maya Store

Finish. Our selection of themes for Magento blank theme that everyone is excited about the designing an eCommerce website for children and yes, not to forget that children are very large prescribers, including their parents. In this menu item Magento more than five colours shortlisted two menus, two kinds of sliders, three types of presentation of your product categories and a zoom effect to your photos products.

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