If you want to create a new custom, theme or template shall observe the structure of Magento and best create your own theme package or template package. This will allow you to be innovative and create something unique. How to do this we will explain now.

In the end, we have created a framework for a 3-column theme that you can customize according to their own wishes and desires. Anyone who wants first get an overview about which file is responsible for what may, the turning Template Path Hints that the frontend to specify the path or file that is responsible foar the issue concerned.

Quick start

Who’s own theme or template does not want to do by hand, can simply download latest version of Magento and look where the order under app / design / frontend / default / default layout and then the template folder and copy. The files in edit and upload a new folder name to the web server. Theme activate the backend, ready. Shows which files are needed at least for your own theme / template, the step-by-step guide:

Create folder

Go to their web server and there you Magento directory. Create a directory structure that looks like this must:

– Design
– Front
– Theme
(Package) — Default (Theme in your new
Package) —- Layout
—- Template

Please note that there is the app folder, design and front-end already. You only need to add the bottom four folders.


In the folder layout to copy, the corresponding XML files from the Magento default theme (default):

• catalog.xml
• catalogsearch.xml
• checkout.xml
• cms.xml
• customer.xml
• newsletter.xml
• page.xml
• wishlist.xml

The page.xml file will be their default page layout. This XML file will be used for each page on their website. Other Layout.xml files change their default layout.

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